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敬邀參加 本所106/12/18學術演講活動 Migratory Symposium: Frontier of Emerging Concepts in Immunology
Monday, 18 December 2017

13:30~13:35 Opening Remark

13:35~14:20 You are fired up! Multiple dimensions for restoring effective anti-tumor immunity

Ping-Chih Ho, Ph.D., 何秉智 博士
Assistant Professor, Department of Fundamental Oncology, University of Lausanne, Ludwig Lausanne Branch for Cancer Research

14:20~15:05 Metabolic Regulation Shapes Innate Immunity
Stanley Ching-Cheng Huang, Ph.D., 黃景政 博士
Assistant Professor (2018- ), Department of Pathology, Case Western Reserve University

15:05~15:25 Coffee Break

15:25~16:10 MicroRNA-mediated regulation of adaptive immunity
Li-Fan Lu, Ph.D., 呂理帆 博士
Associate professor, Division of Biological Sciences, University of California San Diego

16:15~17:00 Discussion with Junior
Experience as graduate students, postdocs and faulty in US and Europe Ping-Chih Ho, Stanley Ching-Cheng Huang, Li-Fan Lu
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