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Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Wake Forest University, USA 徵博士後 研究員及博士生
Postdoctoral positions and students are available at Dr. Hui-Kuan Lin laboratory in
Department of Cancer Biology to understand the biology of cancer stem cells, cancer
progression and metastasis. We use molecular biology, biochemical and mouse
modeling approaches to dissect the role of posttranslational modifications, such as
protein ubiquitination and methylation in signaling pathways, metabolism, cancer
immunit epigenetics and DNA damage response and their potential applications for
cancer drug development (Science, 325, 1134-1138, 2009; Nature, 464, 374-379, 2010;
Cell, 149, 1098-111, 2012; Mol. Cell, 46, 351-61, 2012; Cell, 154, 556-68, 2013; Mol.
Cell, 58, 989-1000, 2015; Mol. Cell. 57, 1022-33, 2015; Mol. Cell, 64, 803-814, 2016;
Nαt. Cell Biol., 夕, 38-51, 2017; Nat. Commun., 8, 14799, 2017; Nat lmmunol. 2018
Jan;19(1):29-40). Applicants who have strong background in biochemistry, molecular
biology, cell biology or mouse genetics are strongly preferred.
Hui-Kuan Lin, Ph.D.
Director ofProstate Cancer Center ofExcellence
Anderson Discovery Professor for Cancer Research
Department of Cancer Biology
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Wake Forest University

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地址:833 高雄市鳥松區大埠路 123 號高雄長庚兒童醫院 12 樓第 15 研究室
TEL:07-7317123#8851 or 8854
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