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姓名 時間 會議名稱 地點 海報或演講
中野敏明 2017/12/5-9 Consortium of Biological Sciences 2017 Kobe, Japan Poster
中野敏明 2017/09/15-17 International Liver Cancer Association 11th Annual Conference Seoul, South Korea Poster
中野敏明 2017/05/24-27 The 2017 Joint International Congress of ILTS, ELITA & LICAGE Prague, Czech Republic Poster
中野敏明 2017/3/10 Hiroshima Research Center for Healthy Aging (HiHA) 4th International Symposium Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan Invited Lecture
康宏佑 2017/04/02-07 Cartilage Biology & Pathology: Gordon Research Conference Barga, Italy Poster
石宗憲 2017/04/01-05  American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2017 Washington, D.C., USA Poster
顧正崙 2017/10/8-10 Asia Society of Pediatric Research Hong Kong, China Invited Lecture
顧正崙 2017/05/12-16 Immunology 2017, America society of Immunology Washington, D.C., USA Invited Lecture
康宏佑 2016/05/14-17 43rd Annual European Calcified Tissue Society Congress Rome, Italy Oral presentation 
顧正崙 2016/08/21-26 International Congress of Immunology Melbourne, Australia Oral presentation
明中野敏 2016/10/11-13 The 13th International Workshop on Autoantibody and Autoimmunity Kyoto, Japan Poster
中野敏明 2016/05/4-7 The 2016 Joint International Congress of 
International Liver Transplantation Society Seoul, South Korea Poster
中野敏明 2016/04/8-9 Transplantation Science Symposium Asian Regional Meeting 2016 Tokyo, Japan poster
中野敏明 2016/3/11 Hiroshima Research Center for Healthy Aging (HiHA) 3rd International Symposium Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan Invited Lecture
中野敏明 2015/11/18-20  The 44th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society for Immunology Sapporo, Japan Oral presentation and poster (Two Research Assistants received FIMSA Travel Award.)
中野敏明 2015/8/23-26 Hiroshima Research Center for Healthy Aging (HiHA) 2nd International SymposiumHigashi-Hiroshima, Japan Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan Invited Lecture
蔡七女 2015/03/14~17 Human genome meeting 2015: Transforming human genomics for a sustainable tomorrow Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia poster
洪千惠 2015/07/25-29 40th Annuanl International Herpesvirus Workshop Boise, Idaho, USA poster
康宏佑 2015/09/24-28 2015 Nulecular receptors: from molecular to humans Corscia, Ajaccio, France poster
康宏佑 2015/10/24-25 The 3rd EITA-Bio Conference Barry Lam Hall, College of EECS, National Taiwan University poster
顧正崙 2015/06/15-18 8th France-Taiwan Frontiers of Science Symposium Marseille, France Invited Lecture


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