I. Our first aim is to train research personnel with both clinical experience and medical research abilities. Our students include clinical investigators, physician scientists, nursing scientists and clinical respiratory care researchers. Students are expected to possess both basic and clinical medical research abilities and knowledge to conduct medical studies to benefit the society of Taiwan.
II. Our second aim is to foster clinical personnel with medical research knowledge and abilities. The clinical personnel that we recruit include Chinese and western physicians, registered nurses and clinical respiratory care therapists.
III. Our third aim is to educate graduate students with independent thinking and research abilities in order to establish a solid foundation for advanced medical research.
IV. Our fourth aim is to educate graduate students with the ability to conduct clinical research, including translational and clinical studies to improve the standard of medical research and clinical trials so as to elevate the well-being of patients.
V. Our fifth aim is to develop graduate students’ awareness of humanitarian accomplishments and medical ethics. Students are expected to develop independent thinking skills and sound character so they are able to make positive contributions to society.
VI. Our last aim is to inspire graduate students to develop enthusiasm for lifelong learning, to broaden their vision, and to explore their individual research creativity.