Future prospects

Future Plans

I. Continue to recruit experts or scholars from various fields to enrich the faculty of our institute, as well as to help and strengthen students’ research and thesis writing.
II. Upgrade and expand core facilities and infrastructures in co-laboratories and student laboratory of our institute.
III. Cultivate more physician scientists for medical studies in order to improve the medical research quality
IV. Systematically integrate modern medicine, Chinese medicine, genomics and bio-technological studies
V. Encourage faculties and students to attend international seminars or go abroad for training, to keep up with current scientific knowledge and trend of bio-technology, and to promote the research quality of the institute.
VI. Promote the exchange between domestic and international organizations; expand research cooperation by using a macroscopic perspective; improve scientific research up to international standards.
VII. Promote the exchange of research resources and clinical specimen supports between the university and Chang-Gung Memorial hospital (CGMH).