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 Timeline of GICM

  • 1990  PhD degree program established. Student enrollment begins in 1991.
  • 1997  Master degree program established.
  • 1998  The Institute moves to Chung Gung Memorial Hospital Linkuo Campus.
  • 1998  GICM Kaohsiung Division founded, headed by Dr. Chuang Jin-Hao as the deputy chair.    
  • 2003  Nursing curriculum Ph. D degree program established with the chair of the Graduate Institute of Nursing, Dr. Hsu Ya-Ying as co-administrator.
  • 2005  GICM Chiayi Division founded in June Headed by Dr. Yang Ren-Zong as deputy chair.
  • 2006  GICM moves to the new Medical Research Center at Chung Gung University
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