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The Lecture Scheme

The current lecture scheme aims to provide educational opportunities for medical personnel at work and to integrate the studies between clinical medical application and basic medical research.

Medical personnel including physicians (western medicine or Chinese medicine), nurses or respiration therapists who wish to pursue further education and devote themselves to medical research will be taught to establish theoretical foundation of clinical medical research and trained to become a medical investigator with independent scientific thinking and research skills. Students are guided to conduct scientific research projects and explore possible improvement in therapeutic methods.

The faculty in our institute highly emphasizes the importance of teaching quality and the learning capability of students. Opinions and suggestions from students are responded to in a timely manner by teachers, and appropriate strategies are developed to improve the teaching quality and the learning of students. The institutional course committee also develops a questionnaire for students to fill in anonymously. Except whether the teaching content meets the lecture title and enriches students’ knowledge, our institute also emphasizes the professional superiority, the enthusiasm and the interaction ability of each teacher.